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  Astrophysics and classical gravity
  Ionospheric and plasma physics
  High energy particle physics
  Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
  Theoretical Biophysics
  Condenced Matter Physics
Dark matter
nonlinear Jeans instability, universal scaling low A.Gurevich, K.Zybin
galaxies correlation function A.Gurevich, G.Chibisov, V.Sirota, M.Zelnikov, K.Zybin

Compact objects: radio pulsars, AGNs,...
neutron star magnetospheres V.Beskin, Ya.Istomin
black hole magnetospheres V.Beskin, Ya.Istomin
jet stability Ya.Istomin
neutron star interior Yu.Bruk

Cosmic rays
origin and propagation V.Dogiel

origin of cosmic rays V.Ginzburg, S.Syrovatsky
phase transition and inflation in early Universe D.Kirzhnits, A.Linde
radio pulsar magnetosphere and their radio emission V.Beskin, A.Gurevich, Ya.Istomin
shock-waves in nonlinear dispersion medium and singular points in full integrable systems A.Gurevich, L.Pitaevskii


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